Being that this was my first thanksgiving that I wouldn't be celebrating with my family, I was a bit nervous. It's my favorite holiday and I was sure I needed to still have a proper thanksgiving meal. I went to Nottingham to spend the weekend with three of my other FIT friends from NY and it was the next best thing. There were over twenty people there with a broad range of international foods: Mexican, Chinese, Filipino, British, Welsh, Czech, Indian, and the traditional Amercan meal. Couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate.

Nov 11. – Nov. 13

I finally went to Amsterdam with much anticipation to see the Van Gogh Museum. Although the museum was under rennovation, I was still able to see part of the collection in the Hermitage Amersterdam. This was beyond incredible and an experience that I had been looking forward to all semester. We also went to the Anne Frank Museum, which I find myself a loss of words. I was so surreal to tour the hideout in which Anne spent two lonely years in.

I had no idea how beautiful Amsterdam was. Our hostel was located in the heart of the Redlight District, however, if I return for a second visit, I will be sure to stay outside of that area. For me, Redlight District almost ruins the city. Its the kind of place that I only need to see/experience once. But I would love to walk along the canals and visit the chocolate shops of Amsterdam again! Not the typical crazy holiday that everyone talks about, but still a great one none-the-less.Image